Interesting Blockchain Technology Projects

By CoderzColumn

1. Crowdfunding with Smart Contracts

  • It'll be beneficial for startups.
  • It Will Help The Angel Investors To Track The Money.
  • It Will Reduce The Chances Of Fraud.

2. Tracking The Exact Location Of The Shipment And Its Route

  • Get Complete Details Of The Packages And Not Just Main Landmark.
  • Helpful In Airline Business - It Will Reduce The Chances Of Losing Baggages.
  • You Will Get Reliable Services.

3. Understanding The Peer To Peer Ridesharing

  • It Will Be Convenient For The Users.
  • You Can Improve Your Cab Experience.
  • No Requirement Of The Intermediate.

4. Identification System For Fake Products In The Market

  • The Customer Will be Able To Identify Between Fake And Real Products.
  • The Blockchain Technology Will Use 2D Bar Code.
  • Authenticity Of The Brands Will Increase.

5. Blockchain Technology Incorporated In The Voting System

  • No one can tamper with the results of the voting system.
  • It will bring transparency in the voting system.
  • The cyberattackers will not have any opportunity to break into the system.

6. Transparent and Genuine Charity Application

  • You can see an improvement in the functioning of the charity system.
  • People can track their money and know that it has been out to a good use.
  • Genuine charity programs will get the required help.

7. Have A Full-Fledged Decentralised Web Hosting System

  • There will be a reduction in the server downtime.
  • Blockchain will eliminate overloading issues.

8. Renting Disk Space System For Users

  • You can provide maximum disk space to each and every user.
  • You will understand the usage of the blockchain registry.
  • You will just need high speed internet connection.

9. Loyalty Points Exchange System

  • Enhanced flexibility of the loyalty points.
  • Customers can share it with their friends and family.
  • The customers can use the loyalty points for various other purposes.

10. Trackback Your Food To Its Source

  • The food tracking system will help you reach to the actual source.
  • Customers will get a reliable and trustworthy system.
  • There will be a drastic change in the retail world.

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