Updated On : Aug-01,2022 Time Investment : ~10 mins

Blockchain Quiz For Beginners - Level 3

  1. What are the most important five elements of blockchain? Distribution, Encryption, Immutability, Tokenization and:
  2. If you are an IT leader, why will you use enterprise blockchain?
  3. What do you think - True or false: Smart contracts refer to legally or officially binding contracts.
  4. How implementing enterprise blockchain will benefit you?
  5. Specify whether it is true or false - A user has the flexibility to alter data on a blockchain.
  6. Out of all, which statement is correct for the enterprise blockchain features?
  7. What is one of the difficulties of the blockchain networks, often known as private or corporate blockchain?
  8. What aspects of cybersecurity could blockchain be able to improve?
  9. Except for: Blockchain has the ability to help the following corporate goals:
  10. What are the fundamental talents of a blockchain developer?

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