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Website Ranking Factors - SEO

  1. Do You Think - Hidden content on the website can harm the website's rankings in search engine result pages?
  2. If you want to list your local business - What would be the most essential place to register your company or your business online?
  3. Out Of all the given below points, what is the most critical factor in achieving high ranking in mobile search result pages?
  4. Why do you think ‘Title Tag’ has higher ranking significance than other factors?
  5. What factor bring more profit to the website’s backlink profile?
  6. Answer Whether It's True Or False - With high-quality backlinks to the homepage of the website, you can increase the overall ranking of your website.
  7. How should be the URL structure of a webpage? (The structure supports the bot to find the correct information and helps in ranking)
  8. Can you set a canonical tag to any random webpage of your website?
  9. How 404 errors on the webpage can impact your website ranking?
  10. When two different URLs have the same content on the website, it is technically considered a duplicate. Can you resolve it with a canonical tag?

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